Why this?

There is no time in U.S. history when black Americans have not demonstrated agency and engaged in philanthropy, self-help, and collective efforts. 

Houston presents a unique opportunity as one of the 10 most charitable cities in the U.S., the most diverse city in the nation, and one of the most economically segregated cities. 


Houstonians have Texas-sized hearts but we often lack strategy to address pressing social challenges in our community.

This contrast is particularly compelling for Houston’s black community. 

  • Houstonians have become increasingly separated by income, education, and class, with poverty disproportionately affecting black residents
  • Black givers in Houston who share common interests are often unknown to each other and there is limited discussion about ways to use our resources for greater impact. 
  • Social sector organizations lack diverse leadership
  • Less than 2% of funding by the nation’s largest foundations goes specifically to black communities. 

Change is happening...

Across the country, networks of black donors are reviving and expanding long held cultural traditions of generosity and finding new ways to connect, learn from each other, and create change collectively.  

As the 4th largest metropolitan area in the U.S. and most diverse city in the country, it’s time to expand the conversation and take action in Houston.  

Black Philanthropy Houston is our opportunity to explore what is possible. 

And where we find that we share common interests, I say we get together.

Are you in? 

Audience sitting at tables listening and laughing. Credit: David "Odiwams" Wright

Audience sitting at tables listening and laughing. Credit: David "Odiwams" Wright